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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The 10 VOIP Commandments

....From the IMPECCABLE mind of Paul Van Der Weegen, VK2EX comes this lil public service announcement about talking on VoIP systems which I found on the EchoProducer Yahoo! Group

1. Thou Shall Leave 3 to 4 Seconds between all overs.

2. Thou Shall not Connect to more than one Conference Server at a time

3. Thou Shall restrict local repeater Id's from entering the IP

4. Thou Shall Keep all overs to a maximum of 4 Minuets

5. Thou Shall Not Force other Links or Repeaters into a Multi

6. Thou Shall Listen on a Clear Frequency before attempting a
Connection to a remote station.

7. Thou Shall Listen for at least 10 Seconds before transmitting
after connecting to a remote station.

8. Thou Shall always announce ones Call Sign before sending DTMF
Commands to a System

9. Thou Shall inhibit DTMF tones from being transmitted though the IP

10. All Commandments are final and no correspondence will be entered


Sparqi said...

Hi Dan,

I share your concerns about Echolink usage. Were I to add a commandment, I'd suggest "Don't connect to a node unless you intend to listen for a while or call for a QSO". Just this evening I heard a newly-licensed operator connect and disconnect repeatedly to our club node. I usually refer them to my blog post on the subject and hope for the best.



David W6DTW

Pat Cook, KB0OXD said...

David, I once had a foreign ham do the same thing. I forget the call & country now (I think it's still on my EchoLink ban list). But he DROVE ME UP THE WALLS with his repeated connects & disconnects.

Another thing he would do is sit idly by & monitor as if EchoLink was just another transceiver in HIS shack instead of mine. Little he seemed to remember that HE WAS TAKING UP **MY** BANDWIDTH & A CONNECTION SLOT WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN USED MORE CONSTRUCTIVELY BY ANOTHER STATION!!!!

Ohh well....Some people just have to LEARN THE HARD WAY I guess.

Live & Let Live *shrugging shoulders*


73! :)