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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Police Activity - AT MY QTH !!!

If you listened to the local scanner feed, you may have heard there was activity at my QTH sometime around 5:00 AM local time this morning. Lemme tell you what I now happened

From what I heard, some moron was in a high speed chase with the cops. After crashing his car (Assuming for a second it wasn't stolen) into a utility pole in front of my apartment building (And taking out the bus stop bench next to it in the process), he then ran toward the building looking to get in. When that failed, he tried hiding in people's patios & (Supposedly) was also shooting at the cops. When the cops finally got air support & flooded the area with light, they found him hiding ON MY MOM'S PATIO (She lives in the same building I do, only next door)

My own patio OTOH looks like the stuff there had been disturbed & moved around but thankfully not broken :)

All this happened while I sound asleep & dead to the world

I'm OK but it's still kinda creepy

Anyway.....Just wanted to let everyone know in case anyone had heard about it & was wondering.....

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