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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Horrible Language, Topics & Overall Behavior On HF

The observations of one Dan Hensley, KC9NCF.  Sad to see there's still truth to this. :(


I've only been on the HF bands since September or maybe August and what I have heard so far has forced me to either keep the radio turned off when my kids are home or I am forced to put earphones in almost all the time.

I hear conversations about females genitalia and what pepole in the conversation like to do with it, I hear sick, decrepit conversations about what one station likes about old grannies and what he was going to try to do to his old lady neighbor, groups of individuals who talk about black people and anyone who isn't white, I hear conversations about booze & guns and why they are God's great answer to life and furthermore, what these guys would do with their guns if it were legal (read: racist, violent, abusive, murderous acts described in detail)
This is heard throughout the amateur bands and not only on 75 or 80 as some assume. What is the problem with our community? I can tune into any Hf freq, especially starting about 3pm Chicago time and this filth is everywhere! It lasts most nights until 4AM. This is what HF has to offer?

I have made some great contacts and met some great people, but they are proving to be few and far between. Just this past week, i have heard stations tell other stations that the frequency was in use and have asked them to turn their antenna away from their state's direction because they want the freq quiet. One Illinois station told a station calling CQ from England to go away because his signal was making it into Illinois and Illinois stations don't want to hear anyone on the band because ham radio is only for listening and nothing else. (Chicago suburban station)

I left the FM bands to get away from this type of scummy behavior and now have to encounter it on just about any frequency I tune into. Nets are being QRM'ed all the time, and I sure as heck can't get on 3.892.00 to have a decent QSO with family because the AM'ers from 3.800.00 are having a jamming party on the LSB.

I see a huge resemblance to 11 meters and my wife is now begging me to permanently disconnect all the radios because she fears what the youngest child in the house may accidentally overhear and then repeat. At this point, I just leave the headphones in to keep that possibility down.

Is this an example of drunk operators or just operators who are truly hateful and know quite well what they are doing? The SSTV operators aren't any better with their porn broadcasts. What is wrong with amateur radio ops that they can't behave like decent human beings? I'm truly disgusted.


Sad to say Dan, you should be.