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Saturday, September 13, 2008

LONG Time NO Post.......

Hello Ham World!!

Boy, I am AMAZED at how Hams have embraced blogging as a way to communicate thoughts, feelings, etc. I must be behind the times or something. MAN - The sheer number of blogs at HamBlogs.Net is just ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING!!! I spent all of last night and the better part of today subscribing to blogs from all over the world over there.

Anyway, this blog will be more about my musings (Not neccessarily my rants as that will be a seperate blog). It will be a mixture of text and video with a little audio thrown in whenever warranted. I also plan to have a seperate "Blog Book" podcast of sorts featuring my favorite contacts on EchoLink, VHF/UHF SSB and (When I get the antenna for it) a little bit of HF.

And now that I have software for digital modes, I plan to share some of my digital mode QSOs too.

Of course, I plan to keep you updated with the very latest news from the KB0OXD Cybershack Newsroom as well.

So that's about it for my first post in what is my new "default" blog. Till next time....Cheers & 73 :)

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