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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ready To Explore The World Of HF Now

Well in case you haven't figured out by now, old man Murphy struck in a way I never saw coming (Yet was EASILY preventable). As a result, I was forced to miss being on the air for Field Day this year

Here's how the calamity happened.....

It all started (And ended) as I was assembling my BRAND NEW MFJ 1622 HF/VHF antenna. I was mounting the loading coil onto the bracket. Had difficulty mounting it on with the bolt still attached to the bottom of the loading coil so I tried removing the bolt.

M-I-S-T-A-K-E !!!!!

After several attempts to mount the coil with the bolt off, it all came to an abrupt end when the screw which the bolt was attached to before it was removed by yours truly SLIPPED INSIDE THE COIL !!!!!

Can you say UHH OHH ?????

Anyway, I sent the loading coil to MFJ for repair (It cost me nothing since it was under warranty) & got it back today

Now if I can only get enough counterpoise wire exposed (It didn't come that way even though the manual said it was) to get it on right & then figure out how to properly tune it to receive stuff, I'd REALLY be a happy camper :D

I also got the basket for my Pride scooter today but even THAT came with a hitch - They forgot to send a mounting screw meant to be used for securing the basket to the back end of the scooter. No biggie if I can find something on my own that will serve the same purpose. I've probably got SOMETHING that will work. Nevertheless, I called the mobility place to report the matter anyway

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